A Guide to How to create Productive Habits

Everything you need to know on: How to create Productive Habits

A Guide On How To Create and stick with Productive Habits

This Guide will help you learn how to create long-lasting (sticky) productive habits that will support you on your productivity journey.

We will be looking at six things in this Guide:

  1. What are habits?
  2. Types of habits.
  3. How to disengage with bad habits.
  4. How to create new productive habits.
  5. How to make new productive habits stick

Your Instructor

Frida Howard
Frida Howard

Hello, I'm Coach Frida!

I'm the creator of the Productive Bad*ss Babe programme, How To Create Productive Habits course and I'm also the founder of the Thoughts Above Blog.

I created this programme because a few years ago, my life was in a completely different state. I wanted to be able to get things done every day without feeling easily overwhelmed by everything I had to do. Because I was constantly overwhelmed, I started procrastinating. I failed to meet deadlines and constantly found myself wasting time on irrelevant things like being on social media scrolling for nothing. I was always late for work, always waiting until the last minute to do things, and ALWAYS sleeping late and dreading the morning.

I knew something had to change.

So I dove even more deeply into videos, podcasts, books and blogs about how to improve my productivity to start getting things done, but sadly those things didn't seem to make the magic change I wanted, either.

I realized most of the productivity advice out there wasn't really written with you or me in mind.

Because it was written by high achievers, they make certain assumptions about you that just aren’t true.

That was when I realized that too much information could be overwhelming because the information is coming from different people with different experiences, who I didn't really relate to.

As far as I could tell, nothing explained where to get started to get things done for a highly sensitive, easily overwhelmed person like me.

I became so frustrated with life that I started missing days of work. I would get warning notices from my boss about my unreliable behaviour. I felt like I would never make it, I was unhappy, and that's when I realized that if I couldn't think of what to do, I might lose it all and sink into depression.

Then the magic started to happen...

I took weeks to think this through and solve it, once and for all. I first went through notes and notes of what I had learned about what could make me productive. How could that information work for an easily overwhelmed person?

Finally, I managed to create a very simple system I could use to be productive today only, not tomorrow, and if today that system worked, then I would apply the same tomorrow, and so forth.

I’ll bet you can guess what happened next… it WORKED!

And that is how this course was born.

The Productive Bad*ss Babe will take from overwhelmed to doer with simple, realistic steps for people like you and me.

What I live for, "it's all about progress, not perfection."

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